An airport parking company endeavored to set themselves apart from the plethora of other parking options surrounding a major Airport. They utilized a digital display campaign to boost their brand awareness and managed a Search Engine Marketing campaign internally. Our digital experts helped audit their SEM results and found 4 key issues:

  • Static bids made no adjustments for competitive activity
  • The campaign was not optimized to deliver the most relevant ad copy and landing page experience for each particular search
  • Conversion tracking was limited, so they couldn’t accurately measure how the marketing investment impacted their business.
  • Company’s website hindered their marketing potential because it was not mobile optimized to meet the needs of on-the-go travelers.


  • Improve mobile website user experience
  • Improve conversions


The first step toward maximizing the company’s success was rebuilding and managing the paid search campaign.

By adjusting the SEM campaign geography and establishing effective keyword lists and bidding structure, the campaign would reach a more relevant audience and generate greater qualified traffic engagement.

Implementing conversion tracking was the next key factor. It afforded superior budget efficiency as our industry-leading bid management technology began serving ads on the highest converting days, hours and keywords while providing the best user engagement to drive measurable success.

After demonstrating our performance expertise and best-in-class customer care, our digital consultants earned approval on building the client’s mobile website and SEO campaigns. These foundational elements were key to maximizing business growth as we focused on engaging business and leisure travelers searching organically on any device.

Providing agency level services with excellence in communication and execution saved the parking company a great deal of time while adding a significantly higher level of analytics and insight behind marketing efforts. The data uncovered actionable optimization strategies to continue driving greater campaign performance month over month.


  • Overall campaign conversions from desktop and mobile increased 62%

  • Mobile site now generates more phone call than the desktop site. The conversion rate for the mobile site is 300% greater than desktop.

  • Website traffic from organic searches increased 46%

  • The airport parking business is now expanding their operations


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