Focus Digital Campaigns with Audience Targeting

How data allows you to identify unique audiences and customize your marketing for them One of the benefits of digital marketing is the huge amount of data you collect about your customers. Digital channels offer unprecedented insight into how customers find your website, what they do when they get there, [...]

November 18th, 2015|

Join the Social Media Party

How social media marketing strengthens relationships with customers Small business owners understand that building relationships with customers is the key to success. And when it comes to digital marketing, social media offers a way to grow those relationships online. Not only do a majority of Fortune 500 companies use platforms [...]

November 4th, 2015|

Creating Smart Content 

Why the content you create and share is a crucial piece of your digital marketing strategy  In digital marketing, the best way to sell your product or service often is by not “selling” at all. Instead of always asking your customers to buy, you can instead become a resource for [...]

October 21st, 2015|

Are Your Customers Getting the Message?

Why email marketing is an essential component of digital marketing  With the explosion of social media and mobile apps in recent years, email can seem almost quaint. But it’s still one of the most effective digital marketing channels. In fact, 91% of U.S. consumers use email every day1, and a [...]

October 7th, 2015|

Understanding Search

Understanding SEO Improving your website’s search engine rankings helps customers find you Internet searches are the new front doors for businesses. Searches bring more people to company websites than all other digital channels combined1. And because those visitors are on the hunt for products or services, they are often ready [...]

September 23rd, 2015|

Digital Marketing Is Everyone’s Business

Your customers are online. Your small business should be, too. Gone are the days when a business could stay competitive with traditional forms of advertising. Now, most customers turn to the Internet and social media networks for information on products and services. In fact, 81% of shoppers report that [...]

September 9th, 2015|