Voice search is technology that allows a consumer to say a command and access information on Google and other search engines. Amazon, Apple, and Microsoft also utilize voice technologies that help users find information on the web.

How does the technology decide which information best answers the questions being asked?

A variety of elements are important to consider to influence how your site is indexed for Voice Search:

  • Mobile Friendly – Since voice search occurs predominately on mobile devices, a site needs to be mobile-friendly. Preferably responsive design.
  • Page Speed – As in conventional search engine optimization, Google voice search favors websites that load quickly.
  • Mobile Scannability – Use short sentences, simple words, short paragraphs, engaging paragraph headings, and plenty of white space.
  • Voice Activated Content – When typing into a search bar, searchers tend to write in short bulleted-type phrases. With voice search, longer conversational phrases that sound like a natural pattern of speech are used. Long-form content fares better on both voice and traditional search.
  • Blog Posts – Creating content around the questions that potential customers are asking increases a webpage’s chances of better visibility.
  • Proximity Search –  Many voice search inquiries contain local geo phrases such as “near me”, “around me”, “nearby”, etc. Some searchers won’t declare a locale and rely on their device to determine their location. Websites that invest in local content have a higher chance of influencing voice search.
  • Local Search – By building and maintaining listings in the most relevant local directories and networks, Google can determine which information about a business is correct. If unclear they may display.incorrect information, or not display a business in their search results.

Bottom line, if a business optimizes for a better overall natural search experience, it is well on its way to having better recognition within a voice search.

With consumer searches through digital assistants continually increasing, optimizing for voice search is critical to your SEO success. Staten Island Media Group comprehensive SEO campaigns account for key optimization elements to help provide an optimum user experience for your potential customers.