Everyone uses email. In fact, it’s reported that 99% of consumers check their email every day and over half of those surveyed in the U.S. report checking over 10 times a day! [1] Consumers prefer to receive brand updates via email, but it has to be done correctly. Whether you market in the B2B or B2C space, think about implementing email as one of your tactics of a well-rounded multi-channel marketing strategy.

Consider the following tips to make sure that your emails perform better than those of your competition.

provide human connection

Provide a Human Connection

Your customers are looking for honest, human and personalized content. Make sure that every email that you send provides content that is timely, targeted and relevant to your audience.[2] This may take time and dedication but eventually they will grow to trust that opening your communications provide a benefit.

download content

Downloadable Content

Repurpose your email content into downloadable content. Be sure the download provides a little something extra – either more illustration, additional insight, or some other element of surprise. Reward the audience for their click and save.

audience segmentation

Audience Segmentation

Email shouldn’t be considered one-size-fits-all. You will probably notice that your open and engagement rates improve when you take the time to segment your distribution list. [3] You don’t want to send existing clients an introductory offer, or a new client a discount for an item they just purchased. Know who you are messaging and be sure the content of the email is relevant to him or her.



Emails should be sent to your clients based on actions they took. For example, send a thank you email for completion of a purchase. Consumers appreciate receiving a message of genuine gratitude for their business, without the hope of something in return.


Begin with these tips for your email campaigns and measure the results. You’ll see that relevant and personalized content curated for your exact customer will build trust and the feeling of “special.”

Contact us if you need any additional guidance on developing an email marketing campaign.  We’re here to help.