As restrictions start to ease, you should ramp up your marketing as well. But, don’t default back to pre-pandemic messaging. Strategize with your marketing experts to understand what your customers need right now and what will motivate and engage them. Showcase what you are doing differently to keep customers safe – curbside, e-commerce, cleaning policies and limitations on store capacity. Will you have shopping times reserved for at-risk segments?

Earning the trust of your customers will be the most important factor to getting them back to your store, restaurant, medical practice, church or gym.

With this in-mind, Staten Island Media Group is introducing content focused packages offering businesses the ability to promote their convenience and confidence factors while positioning themselves as thought-leaders in their community with speed-to-market solutions.

At investment levels to meet your budget, three packages are available, all of which include:

  • Blog posts
  • Sponsored content articles with impressions on
  • Social media promotion
  • Sponsored content in The Staten Island Advance

Reach out to your Staten Island Media Group representative or contact us to learn more about these packages and how our content and digital strategy specialists can help you be successful as business returns.