A market leader in the automotive industry decided to challenge the status quo of the manufacturer-approved vendor that all their competitors worked with to differentiate themselves and win more market share.

Like most dealerships in the area, they knew that sales in the current year and beyond were looking flat at best. Rising interest rates, rising inventories and price softening in the used car market would also present a range of market challenges that would test their leading position.

The campaign goals:

  • Build a digital marketing strategy that addresses Customer Retention, Gaining Referrals, and New Client Acquisition.
  • Turn the dealer’s website into a lead-generation engine and limit the spend/need for third-party inventory websites.
  • Be proactive, not reactive, in strategic thinking – and continually evaluate and invest in the best marketing techniques.


Our team of experts implemented a mix of digital marketing strategies, lead-generation tactics and strategic marketing techniques.

  • Fully analyzed the path to purchase in order to increase sales.
  • CRM initiatives allowed our team to understand consumer behaviors from the time of research to the time of purchase, decreasing the cost-per-lead.
  • Measure all the methods that consumers were influenced to visit, optimizing this to retain those buyers and better influence them.


  • Cost-per-lead has dropped 8%
  • Cost-per-sale has dropped 19% year over year
  • 5% overall increase in sales


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