An educational facility specializing in medical assistant and nursing career training wanted to expand their digital presence in order to increase enrollment in their area locations. Their ultimate goal was to generate more phone calls from prospective new students. Conveying information about their programs and making an emotional connection with prospects was an important facet of the client’s marketing efforts.


Our digital specialists encouraged the client to implement the YouTube TrueView video program. With their 30 second spots, the client could target a variety of prospective students based on both education levels and aspirational goals. By redirecting part of their ad budget away from radio; which delivers only broad, unspecified audience; they were able to effectively reach their optimal target audience. The client’s marketing program also included targeted email and Facebook ads to promote their schedule of evening classes. Our team became their exclusive outlet for TrueView video, Facebook and targeted email marketing solutions and the exclusive outlet for promoting their evening classes.


  • Daytime Enrollment Increased within 30 Days: With a 37% increase in form-fill conversions attributed to TrueView Video (over prior period), the client’s enrollment is outpacing last year by 145%.
  • Increased Brand Exposure: The TrueView video campaign generated more than 54,000 impressions and 150 hours of brand exposure directly to their specific target audiences.
  • Efficient Use of Marketing Budget: Improved budget effectiveness and guaranteed impressions by paying only when the TrueView video was viewed in its entirety. Plus, additional free impressions from videos that were not watched for the full duration.
  • Evening Classes Reached 100% Capacity: In just 45 days of using targeted email and Facebook exclusively to promote their evening classes.


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