Susan Arann has been been a mentor throughout her career. She is a Certified Interior Designer and a Certified Women’s Owned Business for New York City and New York State. She owns her own business, American & International Designs, Inc. Prior to owning the business, she worked in retail, politics and fashion. Every single job has led Susan to her dream career and each person has brought her the desire to give back. She offers internships and entry-level positions in her company. “I’m so proud to have launched hundreds of professionals in my field through employment and mentorship in my company.

I believe that my role is to employ AND teach everyone in my company. Learning does not end just because you leave school and enter the workplace,” she says. “Another important aspect of my career and success is my involvement in supporting community efforts throughout my career including political and community activism as well as my support of nonprofits that serve our community. Currently, I’m using my time and talent to support the St. George Theatre in their renovation of their public spaces to serve the community in a new way. You have a special talent that is unique to YOU. Talk to the mentors and be sure to connect and keep in touch with them. Your success is our community’s success. I’m here because I believe in you. Connect with me on Instagram @designamericanyc.